Trucks are always a demanding job in the car wash. Luckily ChemQuest has chemical cleaning products and treatments that have been made with trucks in mind. Whether it’s grease, oil or road-film from miles of heavy driving, we make restoring that shine as easy as can be.

Big trucks. Big dirt. Big chemicals. Our Experts can get you what you need

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Miles of open road, bugs, burning sun, pouring rain, snow and urban grime — your customers’ trucks take a real beating out there. You need products that work, no matter the size of the job — or the big rig — at hand. At ChemQuest we specialize not just in products that cut through road-film and grime to produce an unrivaled shine, but also the business support car washes need to stay ultra-competitive. We pride ourselves on:

  • Over 25 years of in-depth industry experience with countless successful business partnerships across the country.
  • Truck wash chemicals that were made to clean big trucks — and all the factory support and customer service that makes supply issues no more.
  • In-depth consultation and pre-and post-purchase support services

Each customer that brings in their truck wants an unforgettable wash that restores their vehicle to a pristine condition. At ChemQuest we want to bring you everything — all the chemicals and support services — you need to make that standard procedure, wash after wash.

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Foamy Tire & Motor

A fantastic self-serve product that combines great cleaning with awesome show

This alkaline detergent creates a bright green foam and comes with a pine fragrance. This product is a fantastic self-serve product that combines great cleaning with awesome show.

Wrap Lube

Tired of squeaky cloth? Then this is your answer

Tired of squeaky cloth? Then this is your answer. Using state of the art polymer technology this product provides excellent foam and lubricity for friction applications. Wrap Lube is designed to eliminate the squeaking and grabbing of all cleaning materials.


New from ChemQuest Inc.

Poly-Tect, Polymer Protectant, offers new technology for clear-coat sealers. Poly-Tect uses a proprietary non-silicone polymer fluid, fortified with a UV inhibitor that provides an exceptional shine that customers WILL notice.


Select 35

A highly concentrated alkaline cleaner with a light mint fragrance. Select 35 is a presoak designed with the latest technology in road film removal. It produces cleaner and shinier glass, paint, wheels and white walls.

Rain Shield

Rain Shield is an all-weather protectant that provides a polymer system that will bond to the vehicle surfaces providing extended shine, protection, and water repellency.


Bug Cleaner
Specially formulated detergent for softening and loosening the bug residues on bumpers, grills, headlights, front ends, windshields, mirror backs, and exhaust stacks on cars and truck cabs.

Product Expertise

Our team of professionals have specific product application expertise and are able to formulate a solution based on your unique needs.

Consultative Process

Our team of professionals is excited to demonstrate our products to showcase how Chemquest creates a superior wash experience for your customers.


We offer marketing services for our clients when it comes to co-branding and promotional materials. We have relationships with industry professionals and help facilitate the process.

Top Quality

Our products are all professional grade, top quality products that ensure you are providing the best wash experience for your customers while improving the efficiency of your wash.

No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden costs with ChemQuest and our concentrated chemicals provide extreme value which enables long-term cost savings for your wash.

Decades of Experience

At ChemQuest we have twenty-five years of experience in the car wash business. We understand the industry and your needs - Car wash is what we do all day every day!