Whether you are in the market for a foaming ceramic product or a ceramic sealant that can be applied through standard nozzles, we have got you covered!


Creating an unmatched feel on all painted and glass surfaces, Silk doesn’t just restore that new car feel, it improves it. Comprised solely of ceramic additives, this product is all about performance and functionality; Generating a silky-smooth surface to help shed water, reduce wiper chatter, and provide complete protection.


  • Extreme Shine/ Glow
  • Soft Polished Feel to surface
  • Reduces windshield wiper chatter


Using an innovative technology that incorporates ceramic additives, this product produces a superb dry that leaves the vehicle super glossy and velvety to the touch. It provides lasting protection against the elements to make it easier to keep your vehicle clean. Take your drying from a weakness to a thing of beauty.


  • Drying Agent with Ceramic Additive
  • Enhanced protection
  • Enhanced Shine


This ceramic sealant is comprised of a silicon dioxide additive package that will bond to the surface of the vehicle providing durable protection, high gloss and water repellency. Not only will it shine the vehicle, but it provides a fantastic show with purple foam and grape fragrance!


  • Ceramic Sealant
  • Best with Friction
  • Protection